v1.4i (03.02.2008)

* Faster scan for NA satellites
* Some TS record problems fixed
* Improved Vista compatibility, Vista AERO window movement bug fixed
* Ch. name text filtering option for general and favorites tabs
* Fix for 19.2e DVB-S2 crash problem and network search (DVB-S2 TPs)
* Now it is possible to override/correct the missing channel name or wrong crypted channel status with help of a text file. (scan_override.txt)
* BDA interface update (v2.0)
* BDA: Added support for Turbosight TBS 8920 DVB-S2, 8910 DVB-S and Compro VideoMate 500 DVB-S
* Video and audio type indicators added, next to video/audio buffer bars
* Now OSD Now/Next info should be always up-to-date
* New HotKey to change (cycle) audio pid: 'A'
* Guids.ini updated, some new h.264 entries added
* EPG parser now supports DISH and BEV 9 day epg
* Portuguese(br) language added Подробнее »



Новая панель для быстрого поиска и ввода ITV/IPTV ссылок. Автообновление IPTV m3u файла.




Модуль для работы tt-1401 c wdm драйвером



Новая версия популярной программы для просмотра спутникового телевидения через DVB-карту. Серийник внутри архива
Что нового:
* Better W7 support
* Better AC3 support
* EVR support added
* AAC support has been added *
* ISDB Support added (tested with streams from Brazil) *
* Added new codec definitions (codecs.ini)
* Fixed the problem with AC3Filter
* TeVii S630 & S660 support added
* DVBWorld DVB-S2 bug fixed
* DVBWorld remote controls are now supported
* PIP bug fixed
* MDAPI plugin packet size is adjustable now
* New DirectShow routines (as a DLL now, ds_mng.dll)
* AC3 codec can be selected separately
* Albanian language added
* Chinese-Traditional language added
* Tikarkiba theme added
* ZerOne theme added



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